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Get your your altitude longitude and latitude with google maps

Bafatá, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Bambadinca, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Bigene, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Bijine, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Bissau, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Bissorã, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Bolama, Bolama, Guinea-Bissau
Buba, Quinara, Guinea-Bissau
Bubaque, Bolama, Guinea-Bissau
Bula, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Caboxanque, Tombali, Guinea-Bissau
Cacheu, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Cacine, Tombali, Guinea-Bissau
Calequisse, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Canchungo, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Canfate, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Catió, Tombali, Guinea-Bissau
Contuba, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Contuba El, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Cumeré, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Empada, Quinara, Guinea-Bissau
Enxudé, Quinara, Guinea-Bissau
Farim, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Fasse, Gabú, Guinea-Bissau
Fulacunda, Quinara, Guinea-Bissau
Gabú, Gabú, Guinea-Bissau
Ingoré, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Jobicunda, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
Mansabá, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Mansôa, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Mato Farroba, Tombali, Guinea-Bissau
Nhacra, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Olossato, Oio, Guinea-Bissau
Paunca, Gabú, Guinea-Bissau
Pelundo, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Piche, Gabú, Guinea-Bissau
Prábis, Biombo, Guinea-Bissau
Quebo, Tombali, Guinea-Bissau
Quinhámel, Biombo, Guinea-Bissau
Safim, Biombo, Guinea-Bissau
São Domingos, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Tite, Quinara, Guinea-Bissau
Utia, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau
Xime, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau
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