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Get your your altitude longitude and latitude with google maps

Abucay, Central Luzon, Philippines
Abuyog, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Agoo, Ilocos, Philippines
Aguilar, Ilocos, Philippines
Aguisan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Ajuy, Western Visayas, Philippines
Alabat, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Alabel, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Alaminos, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Alaminos, Ilocos, Philippines
Alangalang, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Alas-asin, Central Luzon, Philippines
Alcala, Ilocos, Philippines
Alejal, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Alfonso, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Aliaga, Central Luzon, Philippines
Alicante, Western Visayas, Philippines
Alicia, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Alimodian, Western Visayas, Philippines
Allen, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Amadeo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Ambulong, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Amungan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Andap, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Angat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines
Angono, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Anonang, Ilocos, Philippines
Antipolo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Antipolo, Western Visayas, Philippines
Anuling, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Apalit, Central Luzon, Philippines
Aparri, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Aplaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Arayat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Aringay, Ilocos, Philippines
Aritao, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Asia, Western Visayas, Philippines
Asingan, Ilocos, Philippines
Astorga, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Asturias, Central Visayas, Philippines
Atimonan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Aurora, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Aurora, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Awang, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Baao, Bicol, Philippines
Bacacay, Bicol, Philippines
Bacarra, Ilocos, Philippines
Bacolod, Western Visayas, Philippines
Bacoor, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bacuit, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Baculongan, Cordillera, Philippines
Bacuyangan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Badak, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Bagabag, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Baganga, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Baggao, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Bago, Western Visayas, Philippines
Bagontapay, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Baguio, Cordillera, Philippines
Bagumbayan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Bahay Pare, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bahbah, Caraga, Philippines
Bais, Central Visayas, Philippines
Balabac, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Balagtas, Central Luzon, Philippines
Balamban, Central Visayas, Philippines
Balanga, Central Luzon, Philippines
Balayan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Balele, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Balete, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Balete, Bicol, Philippines
Balingasag, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Balite, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Baliuag, Central Luzon, Philippines
Baloc, Central Luzon, Philippines
Baloi, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Balucuc, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bambang, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Banaybanay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Banaybanay, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Banaybanay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bancalaan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Banga, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Bangar, Ilocos, Philippines
Bangkas Heights, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Bangued, Cordillera, Philippines
Bani, Ilocos, Philippines
Banquerohan, Bicol, Philippines
Bansalan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Bansud, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bantay, Ilocos, Philippines
Bantayan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Bao, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Baracatan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Barahan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Baras, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Barili, Central Visayas, Philippines
Barobo, Caraga, Philippines
Barotac Nuevo, Western Visayas, Philippines
Barotac Viejo, Western Visayas, Philippines
Barra, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Basag, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Basco, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Basey, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Basiawan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Batac, Ilocos, Philippines
Batal, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Batangan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Batangas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bataraza, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bato, Bicol, Philippines
Bato, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Batobato, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Batu-batu, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Bauan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bauan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Bauang, Ilocos, Philippines
Bay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bayambang, Ilocos, Philippines
Bayang, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Bayawan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Baybay, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Bayombong, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Bayugan, Caraga, Philippines
Bayugan, Caraga, Philippines
Bialong, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Biao, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Bibiclat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bigaa, Bicol, Philippines
Bilog-bilog, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Binalbagan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Binalonan, Ilocos, Philippines
Binangonan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Binmaley, Ilocos, Philippines
Binubusan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bislig, Caraga, Philippines
Boac, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bocaue, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bogo, Central Visayas, Philippines
Bogo, Central Visayas, Philippines
Bolinao, Ilocos, Philippines
Bolo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bonawon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Bongabon, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bongao, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Bontoc, Cordillera, Philippines
Borongan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Botolan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Brooke's Point, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Buanoy, Central Visayas, Philippines
Buayan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Buenavista, Caraga, Philippines
Buenlag, Ilocos, Philippines
Bugallon, Ilocos, Philippines
Bugasan, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Bugo, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Buhi, Bicol, Philippines
Bula, Bicol, Philippines
Bulacan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bulacnin, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bulalacao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Bulan, Bicol, Philippines
Bulanon, Western Visayas, Philippines
Bulaon, Central Luzon, Philippines
Bulihan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Buluan, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Buluangan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Bunawan, Caraga, Philippines
Bunguiao, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Burauen, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Burgos, Central Luzon, Philippines
Buru-un, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Bustos, Central Luzon, Philippines
Butuan, Caraga, Philippines
Buug, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Cabacungan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Cabadbaran, Caraga, Philippines
Cabagan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Cabanatuan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Cabaritan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Cabarroguis, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Cabayangan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cabiao, Central Luzon, Philippines
Cabinuangan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cabugao, Ilocos, Philippines
Caburan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cabuyao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Cadiz, Western Visayas, Philippines
Cagayan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Cagsiay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Cainta, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calabanga, Bicol, Philippines
Calaca, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calamba, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calamba, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Calapan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calasiao, Ilocos, Philippines
Calatagan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calatagan, Bicol, Philippines
Calatrava, Western Visayas, Philippines
Calauag, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calauan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calbayog, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Calintaan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Calumpit, Central Luzon, Philippines
Camalig, Bicol, Philippines
Camanlangan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cambuga, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Camflora, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Camias, Central Luzon, Philippines
Camiling, Central Luzon, Philippines
Caminawit, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Camingawan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Can-asujan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Candaba, Central Luzon, Philippines
Candelaria, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Candon, Ilocos, Philippines
Canlaon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Canocotan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cantilan, Caraga, Philippines
Canubing, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Capas, Central Luzon, Philippines
Capoocan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Capual Island, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Carabalan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Caranan, Bicol, Philippines
Carcar, Central Visayas, Philippines
Cardona, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Carigara, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Carmen, Central Visayas, Philippines
Carmen, Ilocos, Philippines
Carmen, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Carmen, Central Visayas, Philippines
Carmona, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Carosucan, Ilocos, Philippines
Carranglan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Casiguran, Bicol, Philippines
Casisang, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Castañas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Castillejos, Central Luzon, Philippines
Cataingan, Bicol, Philippines
Catanauan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Catarman, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Catbalogan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Cateel, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Catmon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Cauayan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Cauayan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Cavinti, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Cavite, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Cawayan, Bicol, Philippines
Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines
Clarin, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Claveria, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Claveria, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Codcod, Western Visayas, Philippines
Compostela, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Compostela, Central Visayas, Philippines
Concepcion, Central Luzon, Philippines
Concepcion, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Concepcion, Western Visayas, Philippines
Conel, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Consolacion, Central Visayas, Philippines
Cordoba, Central Visayas, Philippines
Coron, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Coronon, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cotabato, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Cuambog, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Cuenca, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Culianin, Central Luzon, Philippines
Culipapa, Western Visayas, Philippines
Curuan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Cutcut, Central Luzon, Philippines
Cuyapo, Central Luzon, Philippines
Cuyo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Daanbantayan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Dadiangas, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Daet, Bicol, Philippines
Dagumba-an, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Dagupan, Ilocos, Philippines
Dahican, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Dajay, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Dalaguete, Central Visayas, Philippines
Dalican, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Dalipuga, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Dalumangcob, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Damilag, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Damulog, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Danao, Central Visayas, Philippines
Dancalan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Dao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Dapa, Caraga, Philippines
Dapitan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Dasmariñas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Datu Piang, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Davao, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Del Pilar, Central Luzon, Philippines
Diffun, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Digal, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Digos, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Dinahican, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Dinalupihan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Dingalan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Dingras, Ilocos, Philippines
Dipolog, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Dologon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Dolores, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Dolores, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Domalandan, Ilocos, Philippines
Don Carlos, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Don Marcelino, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Dos Hermanas, Western Visayas, Philippines
Dulag, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Dulao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Dumaguete, Central Visayas, Philippines
Dumangas, Western Visayas, Philippines
Dumingag, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Echague, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Elizalde, Western Visayas, Philippines
El Salvador, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Enrile, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Escalante, Western Visayas, Philippines
Estancia, Western Visayas, Philippines
Eustaquio Lopez, Western Visayas, Philippines
Floridablanca, Central Luzon, Philippines
Gabaldon, Central Luzon, Philippines
Gamay, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Gapan, Central Luzon, Philippines
General Emilio Aguinaldo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
General Luna, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
General Mamerto Natividad, Central Luzon, Philippines
General Mariano Alvarez, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
General Trias, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Gerona, Central Luzon, Philippines
Gibon, Western Visayas, Philippines
Gingoog, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Glan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Gloria, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Goa, Bicol, Philippines
Gonzaga, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Governador Generoso, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Guadalupe, Central Visayas, Philippines
Guadalupe, Western Visayas, Philippines
Guagua, Central Luzon, Philippines
Gubat, Bicol, Philippines
Guiguinto, Central Luzon, Philippines
Guihing, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Guihulngan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Guiljungan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Guimba, Central Luzon, Philippines
Guimbal, Western Visayas, Philippines
Guimbala-on, Western Visayas, Philippines
Guinoyuran, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Guinticgan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Guiset, Ilocos, Philippines
Guiuan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Gumaca, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Gupitan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Guyong, Central Luzon, Philippines
Hagonoy, Central Luzon, Philippines
Hagonoy, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Halapitan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Halayhay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Hermosa, Central Luzon, Philippines
Hilongos, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Himamaylan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Hinatuan, Caraga, Philippines
Hinigaran, Western Visayas, Philippines
Iba, Central Luzon, Philippines
Ibaan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Ilagan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Iligan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Iloilo, Western Visayas, Philippines
Impasug-ong, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Imus, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Inayagan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Inayawan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Indang, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Initao, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Ipil, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Iriga, Bicol, Philippines
Irosin, Bicol, Philippines
Isabel, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Isabela, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Isabela, Western Visayas, Philippines
Ising, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Itogon, Cordillera, Philippines
Jaclupan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Jaen, Central Luzon, Philippines
Jala-Jala, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Janiuay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Jaro, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Jasaan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Jimenez, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Jolo, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Jordan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Jose Panganiban, Bicol, Philippines
Kabacan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Kabankalan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Kadingilan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Kalamansig, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Kalawag, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Kalawit, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Kalayaan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Kalibo, Western Visayas, Philippines
Kalilangan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Kananga, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Kapalong, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Kapatagan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Karungdong, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Katangawan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Katipunan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Kauswagan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Kawit, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Kiamba, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Kibangay, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Kibungan, Cordillera, Philippines
Kidapawan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Kingking, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Kiokong, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Kisolon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Kitcharao, Caraga, Philippines
Koronadal, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Kulasi, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Kumalarang, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Laak, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Labangan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Labo, Bicol, Philippines
Labuan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
La Carlota, Western Visayas, Philippines
La Castellana, Western Visayas, Philippines
Lagawe, Cordillera, Philippines
Lagonglong, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lagonoy, Bicol, Philippines
Laguilayan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Laiya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lakewood, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Lala, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Lalig, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lamba, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Lambakin, Central Luzon, Philippines
Lambayong, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Laminusa, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Langcangan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Languyan, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Lanot, Western Visayas, Philippines
Laoag, Ilocos, Philippines
Laoang, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
La Paz, Central Luzon, Philippines
Lapu-Lapu, Central Visayas, Philippines
La Purisima, Bicol, Philippines
Lasang, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
La Trinidad, Cordillera, Philippines
Laur, Central Luzon, Philippines
Laurel, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lebak, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Legazpi, Bicol, Philippines
Lemery, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lepa, Ilocos, Philippines
Leyte, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Lian, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lianga, Caraga, Philippines
Libog, Bicol, Philippines
Libon, Bicol, Philippines
Licab, Central Luzon, Philippines
Ligao, Bicol, Philippines
Ligaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Liliw, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Liloan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Limay, Central Luzon, Philippines
Linamon, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Lingayen, Ilocos, Philippines
Lipa, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lipayran, Central Visayas, Philippines
Llorente, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Loma de Gato, Central Luzon, Philippines
Longos, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Loon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Lopez, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Los Baños, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lourdes, Central Luzon, Philippines
Lubao, Central Luzon, Philippines
Lucban, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lucena, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lugait, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lugus, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Lumban, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lumbangan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lumbia, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lun, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Luna, Western Visayas, Philippines
Luna, Caraga, Philippines
Lunao, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lupao, Central Luzon, Philippines
Lupon, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Lurogan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lusacan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Lutayan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Luuk, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Ma-ao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Maasin, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Mabalacat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Mabini, Central Luzon, Philippines
Mabini, Western Visayas, Philippines
Mabitac, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Macabebe, Central Luzon, Philippines
Macalelon, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Maco, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Maddela, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Magalang, Central Luzon, Philippines
Magallon, Western Visayas, Philippines
Maganoy, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Magarao, Bicol, Philippines
Magnaga, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Magsaysay, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Magsaysay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mahayag, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Maigo, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Maitum, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Majayjay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Makilala, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Malabag, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malabanban, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malaiba, Central Visayas, Philippines
Malaking Pulo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malandag, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Malanday, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malangas, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Malapatan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Malasiqui, Ilocos, Philippines
Malaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malaybalay, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Malicboy, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malilipot, Bicol, Philippines
Malinao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Malita, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Malolos, Central Luzon, Philippines
Malungon, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Maluso, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Malvar, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mamala, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mamatid, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mambajao, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Mamburao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Manalongon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Manaoag, Ilocos, Philippines
Manapla, Western Visayas, Philippines
Manay, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Mandaue, Central Visayas, Philippines
Mangaldan, Ilocos, Philippines
Mangatarem, Ilocos, Philippines
Manggahan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Manggalang, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Manibaug, Central Luzon, Philippines
Manicahan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
Mankayan, Cordillera, Philippines
Manolo Fortich, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Mansalay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Manticao, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Manukan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Mapandan, Ilocos, Philippines
Maragondon, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Maragusan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Maramag, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Maranding, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Marawi, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Margosatubig, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Maria Aurora, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Marilao, Central Luzon, Philippines
Mariveles, Central Luzon, Philippines
Masalukot, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Masantol, Central Luzon, Philippines
Masaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Masbate, Bicol, Philippines
Masinloc, Central Luzon, Philippines
Mataas na Kahoy, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Matalam, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Matanao, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Mati, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Matnog, Bicol, Philippines
Mauban, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Maulawin, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mawab, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Maya, Central Visayas, Philippines
Mayabon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Medellin, Central Visayas, Philippines
Medina, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Mendez, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Mercedes, Bicol, Philippines
Mercedes, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Mexico, Central Luzon, Philippines
Meycauayan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Miagao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Midsayap, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Milaor, Bicol, Philippines
Minalin, Central Luzon, Philippines
Minante, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Minapasuk, Western Visayas, Philippines
Minglanilla, Central Visayas, Philippines
Minoyan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Miranda, Western Visayas, Philippines
M'lang, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Moalboal, Central Visayas, Philippines
Molave, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Molugan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Monkayo, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Montalban, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Montevista, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Morong, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Morong, Central Luzon, Philippines
Mulanay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Muñoz, Central Luzon, Philippines
Murcia, Western Visayas, Philippines
Nabua, Bicol, Philippines
Nabulao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Nabunturan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Naga, Bicol, Philippines
Naga, Central Visayas, Philippines
Naga, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Nagcarlan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Nagsaing, Ilocos, Philippines
Naguilian, Ilocos, Philippines
Naguilian, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Naic, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Nalundan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Nangka, Central Visayas, Philippines
Nangka, Central Visayas, Philippines
Narra, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Nasipit, Caraga, Philippines
Nasugbu, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Natappian, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Naval, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
New Corella, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
New Visayas, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Nibaliw, Ilocos, Philippines
Nieves, Central Luzon, Philippines
Nilombot, Ilocos, Philippines
Norala, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Norzagaray, Central Luzon, Philippines
Noveleta, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Obando, Central Luzon, Philippines
Ocana, Central Visayas, Philippines
Odiongan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
O'Donnell, Central Luzon, Philippines
Olingan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Olongapo, Central Luzon, Philippines
Olutanga, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Orani, Central Luzon, Philippines
Oras, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Orion, Central Luzon, Philippines
Ormoc, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Oroquieta, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Oton, Western Visayas, Philippines
Ozamiz, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Pacol, Western Visayas, Philippines
Padada, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Paete, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pagadian, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Pag-Asa, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pagbilao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pagsangahan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pakil, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Palampas, Western Visayas, Philippines
Palangue, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Palapag, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Palayan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Palo, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Palompon, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Pambujan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Pamplona, Central Visayas, Philippines
Panabo, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Panacan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pandacaqui, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pandi, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pangantucan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Pangil, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Panglao, Central Visayas, Philippines
Panglima Alari, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Pangobilian, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Paniqui, Central Luzon, Philippines
Panitian, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pansol, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pantao, Bicol, Philippines
Pantubig, Central Luzon, Philippines
Paombong, Central Luzon, Philippines
Papaya, Central Luzon, Philippines
Paracale, Bicol, Philippines
Paradahan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Paraiso, Western Visayas, Philippines
Parang, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Parang, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Pasacao, Bicol, Philippines
Pasil, Cordillera, Philippines
Pasong Buaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pasong Kawayan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Passi, Western Visayas, Philippines
Patin-ay, Caraga, Philippines
Patnanungan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Payao, Western Visayas, Philippines
Payocpoc, Ilocos, Philippines
Peñaranda, Central Luzon, Philippines
Perrelos, Central Visayas, Philippines
Pigkawayan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Pikit, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Pila, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pilar, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pilar, Western Visayas, Philippines
Pilar, Bicol, Philippines
Pili, Bicol, Philippines
Pililla, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pinamalayan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pinamungahan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Pio, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pio Duran, Bicol, Philippines
Pitogo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Placer, Caraga, Philippines
Plaridel, Central Luzon, Philippines
Polangui, Bicol, Philippines
Polomolok, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Polonuling, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Ponot, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Pontevedra, Western Visayas, Philippines
Porac, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pototan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Pozzorubio, Ilocos, Philippines
President Roxas, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Puelay, Ilocos, Philippines
Puerto Princesa, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pulilan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pulo, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pulot, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pulungmasle, Central Luzon, Philippines
Pulupandan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Punta Baja, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Pura, Central Luzon, Philippines
Quezon, Central Luzon, Philippines
Quezon, Western Visayas, Philippines
Quezon, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Quezon, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Quezon, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Quilo-quilo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Quisao, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Ragay, Bicol, Philippines
Rajal, Central Luzon, Philippines
Ramon, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Ramos, Central Luzon, Philippines
Real, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Recodo, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Rimos, Ilocos, Philippines
Rio Tuba, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Rizal, Central Luzon, Philippines
Rizal, Bicol, Philippines
Romangaob, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Romblon, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Rosales, Ilocos, Philippines
Rosario, Ilocos, Philippines
Rosario, Caraga, Philippines
Roxas, Western Visayas, Philippines
Roxas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Roxas, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Roxas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Sablayan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Sag-Ang, Western Visayas, Philippines
Sagay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Sagpon, Bicol, Philippines
Saguday, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Salinungan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Salug, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Samal, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Samal, Central Luzon, Philippines
Sampalac, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Sampaloc, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Sampao, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
San Antonio, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Antonio, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Antonio, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
San Basilio, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Carlos, Ilocos, Philippines
San Carlos, Western Visayas, Philippines
San Enrique, Western Visayas, Philippines
San Felipe, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Felix, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Fernando, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Fernando, Ilocos, Philippines
San Fernando, Central Visayas, Philippines
San Francisco, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Francisco, Caraga, Philippines
San Francisco, Central Visayas, Philippines
Sangali, Western Mindanao, Philippines
San Ildefonso, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Ildefonso, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Isidro, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Jacinto, Ilocos, Philippines
San Jacinto, Bicol, Philippines
San Jose, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Jose, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Jose, Western Visayas, Philippines
San Jose, Caraga, Philippines
San Jose, Bicol, Philippines
San Jose, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Jose, Bicol, Philippines
San Jose, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
San Jose, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Jose del Monte, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Juan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Leonardo, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Luis, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Luis, Caraga, Philippines
San Manuel, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
San Marcelino, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Mariano, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
San Mateo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Mateo, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
San Miguel, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Miguel, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Miguel, Western Visayas, Philippines
San Narciso, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Narciso, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Nicolas, Ilocos, Philippines
San Nicolas, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Pablo, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Pablo, Western Visayas, Philippines
San Pascual, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Pedro, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
San Roque, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
San Roque Dau, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Simon, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Ana, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Barbara, Ilocos, Philippines
Santa Barbara, Western Visayas, Philippines
Santa Barbara, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Catalina, Central Visayas, Philippines
Santa Catalina Sur, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Cruz, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Santa Elena, Bicol, Philippines
Santa Ignacia, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Lucia, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Maria, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Santa Maria, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Rita, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santa Rosa, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santa Rosa, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santiago, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Santiago, Caraga, Philippines
Santo Cristo, Central Luzon, Philippines
Santo Domingo, Ilocos, Philippines
Santo Niño, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Santo Niño, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Santo Tomas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Santo Tomas, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Vicente, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Vicente, Central Luzon, Philippines
San Vicente, Central Luzon, Philippines
Sapang, Central Luzon, Philippines
Sapu, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Sarangani, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Saravia, Western Visayas, Philippines
Sariaya, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Sasmuan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Saug, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Sebu, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Seit, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Siasi, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Siaton, Central Visayas, Philippines
Sibalom, Western Visayas, Philippines
Sibonga, Central Visayas, Philippines
Sibul, Central Luzon, Philippines
Sibulan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Sibulan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Silang, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Silangan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Silay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Silway, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Sipalay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Sipocot, Bicol, Philippines
Siquijor, Central Visayas, Philippines
Sison, Ilocos, Philippines
Sitangkai, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Socorro, Caraga, Philippines
Sogod, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Solana, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Solano, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Sorsogon, Bicol, Philippines
Su-ay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Subic, Central Luzon, Philippines
Subic, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Subusub, Ilocos, Philippines
Sulop, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Sumpong, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Surallah, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Surigao, Caraga, Philippines
Suyan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Taal, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tabaco, Bicol, Philippines
Tabuk, Cordillera, Philippines
Tacloban, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Tacurong, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Tagas, Bicol, Philippines
Tagaytay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tagbilaran, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tagbina, Caraga, Philippines
Tagkawayan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tagoloan, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Tagum, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Talacogon, Caraga, Philippines
Talakag, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Talavera, Central Luzon, Philippines
Talibon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Talicod, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Taligaman, Caraga, Philippines
Talisay, Central Visayas, Philippines
Talisay, Western Visayas, Philippines
Talisay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Talisay, Bicol, Philippines
Taloc, Western Visayas, Philippines
Talugtug, Central Luzon, Philippines
Taluksangay, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Tambulig, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Tampakan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tampakan, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Tamugan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tanauan, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tanauan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Tanay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tandag, Caraga, Philippines
Tangke, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tangub, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Tanjay, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tantangan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tanza, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tapilon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines
Tayabas, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Taytay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Taytay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Taytay, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Taytayan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tayud, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tayug, Ilocos, Philippines
Telabastagan, Central Luzon, Philippines
Teresa, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Ternate, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tibal-og, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tibanban, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tigaon, Bicol, Philippines
Tigbauan, Western Visayas, Philippines
Tinambac, Bicol, Philippines
Titay, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Tiwi, Bicol, Philippines
Toboso, Western Visayas, Philippines
Toledo, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tonggusong Banaran, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Tortosa, Western Visayas, Philippines
Trapiche, Western Visayas, Philippines
Trece Martires City, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Trento, Caraga, Philippines
Tuba, Cordillera, Philippines
Tubay, Caraga, Philippines
Tubigon, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tubod, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Tubod, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tuburan, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tuburan, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Tuding, Cordillera, Philippines
Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley, Philippines
Tukuran, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Tulay, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tulunan, Central Mindanao, Philippines
Tungao, Caraga, Philippines
Tupi, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Tuy, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Tuyom, Western Visayas, Philippines
Upi, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Urbiztondo, Ilocos, Philippines
Urdaneta, Ilocos, Philippines
Valencia, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Vallehermoso, Central Visayas, Philippines
Veruela, Caraga, Philippines
Victoria, Central Luzon, Philippines
Victoria, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Victoria, Southern Tagalog, Philippines
Victorias, Western Visayas, Philippines
Vigan, Ilocos, Philippines
Villanueva, Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Villasis, Ilocos, Philippines
Vinzons, Bicol, Philippines
Virac, Bicol, Philippines
Vitali, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Wangan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Wao, Muslim Mindanao, Philippines
Zamboanga, Western Mindanao, Philippines
Zaragoza, Ilocos, Philippines
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