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Get your your altitude longitude and latitude with google maps

Aba, Abia, Nigeria
Abaal, Benue, Nigeria
Abaji, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Abajikolo, Benue, Nigeria
Abak, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Abakaliki, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Abarezoma, Yobe, Nigeria
Abbi, Delta, Nigeria
Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria
Abigi, Ogun, Nigeria
Abiriba, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Abocho, Kogi, Nigeria
Aboh, Delta, Nigeria
Abraka, Edo, Nigeria
Abudu, Edo, Nigeria
Abuja, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Abukur, Katsina, Nigeria
Adabi, Kogi, Nigeria
Adani, Enugu, Nigeria
Adiele, Kogi, Nigeria
Adikpo, Benue, Nigeria
Ado, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ado, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Adoka, Benue, Nigeria
Ado Odo, Ogun, Nigeria
Adoru, Kogi, Nigeria
Afikpo, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Afuje, Edo, Nigeria
Agaie, Niger, Nigeria
Agbado, Ekiti, Nigeria
Agbaliji, Anambra, Nigeria
Agbasa, Delta, Nigeria
Agbor, Delta, Nigeria
Agenebode, Edo, Nigeria
Ago, Ogun, Nigeria
Ago, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ago Are, Oyo, Nigeria
Ago Ibami, Cross River, Nigeria
Ago Owu, Osun, Nigeria
Agyaragu, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Ahaba, Imo, Nigeria
Ahoada, Rivers, Nigeria
Aisegba, Ekiti, Nigeria
Aiyede, Ekiti, Nigeria
Aiyede, Oyo, Nigeria
Aiyegunle, Kogi, Nigeria
Aiyepe, Osun, Nigeria
Aiyepe, Ogun, Nigeria
Aiyete, Oyo, Nigeria
Aiyetoro, Ogun, Nigeria
Aiyetoro, Kogi, Nigeria
Aiyetoro, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ajagba, Edo, Nigeria
Ajaka, Kogi, Nigeria
Ajaokuta, Kogi, Nigeria
Ajasse, Kwara, Nigeria
Ajeregun, Ogun, Nigeria
Ajilete, Ogun, Nigeria
Ajingi, Jigawa, Nigeria
Akabuka, Rivers, Nigeria
Aka Eze, Enugu, Nigeria
Akotogbo, Ondo, Nigeria
Akparabong, Cross River, Nigeria
Akuku Agbor, Delta, Nigeria
Akungba, Ekiti, Nigeria
Akure, Ondo, Nigeria
Akure 19km E, Ondo, Nigeria
Akwanga, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Akwu Chudere, Rivers, Nigeria
Akwukwu, Delta, Nigeria
Alade, Ondo, Nigeria
Alakuka, Ogun, Nigeria
Albasu, Kano, Nigeria
Alese, Rivers, Nigeria
Aliade, Benue, Nigeria
Aliero, Kebbi, Nigeria
Alkalere, Bauchi, Nigeria
Almajiri, Kano, Nigeria
Alogani, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Aloko, Kogi, Nigeria
Amaoji Lodu, Abia, Nigeria
Ama Okwe, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Amassama, Bayelsa, Nigeria
Amawou, Kano, Nigeria
Amoya, Edo, Nigeria
Amuro, Kogi, Nigeria
Ananum, Taraba, Nigeria
Anchau, Kaduna, Nigeria
Anguwar Bawa, Kaduna, Nigeria
Anka, Zamfara, Nigeria
Ankpa, Kogi, Nigeria
Arabishi, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Aradhe, Delta, Nigeria
Aramoko, Ekiti, Nigeria
Araromo, Ondo, Nigeria
Argungu, Kebbi, Nigeria
Arigidi, Ekiti, Nigeria
Arochuku, Cross River, Nigeria
Arukwo, Rivers, Nigeria
Asaba, Delta, Nigeria
Ashaka, Delta, Nigeria
Askira, Borno, Nigeria
Auchi, Edo, Nigeria
Audu Maikyauta, Taraba, Nigeria
Auna, Niger, Nigeria
Aundu, Taraba, Nigeria
Aviara, Delta, Nigeria
Awe, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Awgu, Enugu, Nigeria
Awka, Anambra, Nigeria
Ayangba, Kogi, Nigeria
Azare, Bauchi, Nigeria
Azumini, Abia, Nigeria
Babulada, Kebbi, Nigeria
Babura, Jigawa, Nigeria
Badagri, Lagos, Nigeria
Baga, Borno, Nigeria
Baga, Borno, Nigeria
Bagudo, Kebbi, Nigeria
Bagwai, Kano, Nigeria
Bahagu, Plateau, Nigeria
Baisa, Taraba, Nigeria
Bajoga, Gombe, Nigeria
Bakori, Katsina, Nigeria
Bakumi, Benue, Nigeria
Bakura, Zamfara, Nigeria
Bama, Borno, Nigeria
Bambam, Gombe, Nigeria
Bamikomo, Ondo, Nigeria
Barakin, Plateau, Nigeria
Barburam, Jigawa, Nigeria
Barkun, Kano, Nigeria
Batsari, Katsina, Nigeria
Batu, Jigawa, Nigeria
Bauchi, Bauchi, Nigeria
Baure, Katsina, Nigeria
Bebeji, Kano, Nigeria
Bela, Rivers, Nigeria
Beli, Taraba, Nigeria
Bena, Zamfara, Nigeria
Bende, Abia, Nigeria
Bendiga Ayuk, Cross River, Nigeria
Benin, Edo, Nigeria
Benisheikh, Yobe, Nigeria
Bichi, Kano, Nigeria
Bida, Niger, Nigeria
Biliri, Gombe, Nigeria
Bindigi, Yobe, Nigeria
Binji, Sokoto, Nigeria
Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi, Nigeria
Birnin Kudu, Jigawa, Nigeria
Birniwa, Jigawa, Nigeria
Birshi, Bauchi, Nigeria
Bisagana, Borno, Nigeria
Biu, Borno, Nigeria
Bode Shadu, Kwara, Nigeria
Bodinga, Sokoto, Nigeria
Bodo, Rivers, Nigeria
Bokkos, Plateau, Nigeria
Boko, Zamfara, Nigeria
Bolere, Sokoto, Nigeria
Bonny, Rivers, Nigeria
Brass, Rivers, Nigeria
Budua, Yobe, Nigeria
Bugama, Rivers, Nigeria
Bugana, Benue, Nigeria
Bui, Kebbi, Nigeria
Bukari, Yobe, Nigeria
Bukuru, Plateau, Nigeria
Bulkachuwa, Bauchi, Nigeria
Bungudu, Zamfara, Nigeria
Buni, Yobe, Nigeria
Buni Yadi, Yobe, Nigeria
Bunkure, Kano, Nigeria
Bunza, Kebbi, Nigeria
Buruki, Kaduna, Nigeria
Burumburum, Kano, Nigeria
Burutu, Delta, Nigeria
Bussa, Kebbi, Nigeria
Buwawa, Kano, Nigeria
Bwari, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria
Chadawa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Chafe, Zamfara, Nigeria
Chanchaga, Niger, Nigeria
Chemba, Borno, Nigeria
Cheranchi, Katsina, Nigeria
Chibuk, Borno, Nigeria
Chifu, Niger, Nigeria
Chinade, Bauchi, Nigeria
Dabai, Katsina, Nigeria
Dabalam, Yobe, Nigeria
Dakayawa, Jigawa, Nigeria
Dakingari, Kebbi, Nigeria
Dalijam, Kebbi, Nigeria
Damagum, Yobe, Nigeria
Damasak, Borno, Nigeria
Damaturu, Yobe, Nigeria
Dambam, Bauchi, Nigeria
Dambarta, Kano, Nigeria
Damboa, Borno, Nigeria
Damcuwa, Yobe, Nigeria
Damper, Taraba, Nigeria
Dan Alhaji, Kaduna, Nigeria
Danchadi, Sokoto, Nigeria
Dan Dume, Katsina, Nigeria
Dange, Sokoto, Nigeria
Dan Gulbi, Zamfara, Nigeria
Dan Hassan, Kano, Nigeria
Danja, Katsina, Nigeria
Dankama, Katsina, Nigeria
Dan Musa, Katsina, Nigeria
Dan Sadau, Zamfara, Nigeria
Dan Tudu, Sokoto, Nigeria
Dapchi, Yobe, Nigeria
Darazo, Bauchi, Nigeria
Daura, Katsina, Nigeria
Daurawa, Jigawa, Nigeria
Dawaki, Kano, Nigeria
Dawakin Tofa, Kano, Nigeria
Deba Habe, Gombe, Nigeria
Deba Kowa, Gombe, Nigeria
Degema, Rivers, Nigeria
Dekina, Kogi, Nigeria
Dengebe, Zamfara, Nigeria
Diginsa, Jigawa, Nigeria
Diko, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Dikwa, Borno, Nigeria
Dirinbaji, Zamfara, Nigeria
Dogondaji, Kebbi, Nigeria
Dogon Yaro, Plateau, Nigeria
Doma, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Donga, Taraba, Nigeria
Dorka, Zamfara, Nigeria
Doro, Katsina, Nigeria
Duku, Gombe, Nigeria
Durbunde, Kano, Nigeria
Dusuman, Borno, Nigeria
Dutsan Wai, Kaduna, Nigeria
Dutse, Jigawa, Nigeria
Dutsin Ma, Katsina, Nigeria
Eban, Niger, Nigeria
Ebele, Edo, Nigeria
Ebocha, Rivers, Nigeria
Ede, Osun, Nigeria
Ediba, Cross River, Nigeria
Edor Abangork, Cross River, Nigeria
Effa, Ekiti, Nigeria
Efferun, Delta, Nigeria
Effon Alaiye, Ekiti, Nigeria
Egbe, Kogi, Nigeria
Egbeda, Rivers, Nigeria
Ege, Oyo, Nigeria
Egedegebe, Enugu, Nigeria
Egosi, Ekiti, Nigeria
Egwo, Benue, Nigeria
Ejeba, Delta, Nigeria
Ejeme, Delta, Nigeria
Ejigbo, Osun, Nigeria
Ejule, Kogi, Nigeria
Ekan, Ekiti, Nigeria
Eke, Kogi, Nigeria
Ekehen, Edo, Nigeria
Eket, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Ekinrin, Kogi, Nigeria
Eko, Delta, Nigeria
Ekpemi, Ondo, Nigeria
Ekpoma, Edo, Nigeria
Ekrebuo, Delta, Nigeria
Ekusa, Osun, Nigeria
Elele, Rivers, Nigeria
Elele Alimini, Rivers, Nigeria
Emede, Delta, Nigeria
Emuhu, Delta, Nigeria
Emure, Ekiti, Nigeria
Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu Umunze, Anambra, Nigeria
Epe, Lagos, Nigeria
Erin, Kwara, Nigeria
Erin, Ekiti, Nigeria
Erinjiyan, Ekiti, Nigeria
Erong, Benue, Nigeria
Eruwa, Oyo, Nigeria
Esa Odo, Osun, Nigeria
Esa Oke, Osun, Nigeria
Esure, Ogun, Nigeria
Etinan, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Evwreni, Delta, Nigeria
Ewohimi, Edo, Nigeria
Ewussa, Edo, Nigeria
Eyo Nsek, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Eziama, Imo, Nigeria
Ezzangbo, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Faskari, Katsina, Nigeria
Fiditi, Oyo, Nigeria
Fika, Yobe, Nigeria
Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria
Gade, Bauchi, Nigeria
Gajiram, Borno, Nigeria
Gamawa, Bauchi, Nigeria
Gamboru, Borno, Nigeria
Gandi, Sokoto, Nigeria
Gano, Kano, Nigeria
Ganye, Adamawa, Nigeria
Garin Jangam, Yobe, Nigeria
Garke, Jigawa, Nigeria
Garki, Jigawa, Nigeria
Garkida, Borno, Nigeria
Garko, Kano, Nigeria
Garo, Kano, Nigeria
Gashua, Yobe, Nigeria
Gaska, Yobe, Nigeria
Gatari, Taraba, Nigeria
Gaya, Kano, Nigeria
Gbimidaka, Delta, Nigeria
Gboko, Benue, Nigeria
Gbongan, Osun, Nigeria
Geidam, Yobe, Nigeria
Gembu, Taraba, Nigeria
Getso, Kano, Nigeria
Gezawa, Kano, Nigeria
Gidan Gayan, Kaduna, Nigeria
Gidan Madi, Sokoto, Nigeria
Gidan Mainu, Sokoto, Nigeria
Gidan Nbora, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Gidan Tudu, Kano, Nigeria
Gidimbari, Borno, Nigeria
Girei, Adamawa, Nigeria
Giwa, Kaduna, Nigeria
Giwano, Adamawa, Nigeria
Goga, Zamfara, Nigeria
Gombe, Gombe, Nigeria
Gombi, Adamawa, Nigeria
Gora, Zamfara, Nigeria
Gorgoram, Yobe, Nigeria
Goronyo, Sokoto, Nigeria
Gubio, Borno, Nigeria
Gumel, Jigawa, Nigeria
Gummi, Zamfara, Nigeria
Gurai, Kwara, Nigeria
Gurin, Adamawa, Nigeria
Gusau, Zamfara, Nigeria
Gwabbaje, Taraba, Nigeria
Gwada, Niger, Nigeria
Gwadabawa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Gwadagwada, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Gwadandaji, Kebbi, Nigeria
Gwagwa, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Gwalawo, Kogi, Nigeria
Gwandu, Kebbi, Nigeria
Gwaram, Jigawa, Nigeria
Gwarzo, Kano, Nigeria
Gwoza, Borno, Nigeria
Hadejia, Jigawa, Nigeria
Hardawe, Bauchi, Nigeria
Hong, Adamawa, Nigeria
Hunkuyi, Katsina, Nigeria
Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria
Ibaji, Benue, Nigeria
Ibefun, Ogun, Nigeria
Ibegwa Aka, Enugu, Nigeria
Ibeto, Niger, Nigeria
Ibi, Taraba, Nigeria
Ibillo, Edo, Nigeria
Ibo, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Ibokun, Osun, Nigeria
Ibusa, Delta, Nigeria
Ichama, Benue, Nigeria
Idah, Kogi, Nigeria
Idanre, Ondo, Nigeria
Iddo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Idi Ayure, Oyo, Nigeria
Idi Emi, Ogun, Nigeria
Idoani, Ondo, Nigeria
Idogun, Ondo, Nigeria
Idologun, Ogun, Nigeria
Idowa, Ogun, Nigeria
Ifaki, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ife, Osun, Nigeria
Ife, Kogi, Nigeria
Ifetedo, Osun, Nigeria
Ifewara, Osun, Nigeria
Ifon, Ondo, Nigeria
Igana, Oyo, Nigeria
Igangan, Oyo, Nigeria
Igarra, Edo, Nigeria
Igbaja, Kwara, Nigeria
Igbajo, Osun, Nigeria
Igbara Odo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Igbara Oke, Ekiti, Nigeria
Igbemo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Igbeti, Oyo, Nigeria
Igbide, Delta, Nigeria
Igbobini, Ondo, Nigeria
Igbodo, Delta, Nigeria
Igbo Ekhe, Rivers, Nigeria
Igboho, Oyo, Nigeria
Igbo Ora, Oyo, Nigeria
Igbotako, Ondo, Nigeria
Igede, Ekiti, Nigeria
Igogo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Igrita, Rivers, Nigeria
Iguegbe, Edo, Nigeria
Igun, Delta, Nigeria
Iguobazuwa, Edo, Nigeria
Ihiala, Anambra, Nigeria
Ijan Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ijare, Ondo, Nigeria
Ijebu Ife, Ogun, Nigeria
Ijebu Igbo, Ogun, Nigeria
Ijebu Jesa, Osun, Nigeria
Ijebu Ode, Ogun, Nigeria
Ijede, Lagos, Nigeria
Ijero, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ijesha Ishu, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ijoun, Ogun, Nigeria
Iju, Ondo, Nigeria
Ikara, Kaduna, Nigeria
Ikare, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikbira, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikeji, Osun, Nigeria
Ikene, Ogun, Nigeria
Ikeram, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikere, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikire, Osun, Nigeria
Ikirun, Osun, Nigeria
Ikole, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikom, Cross River, Nigeria
Ikoro, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Ikot Etim, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Ikoya, Ondo, Nigeria
Ikoyi, Osun, Nigeria
Ila, Osun, Nigeria
Ilara, Ondo, Nigeria
Ilaro, Ogun, Nigeria
Ilawe, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ile Igbo, Osun, Nigeria
Ile Oluji, Ondo, Nigeria
Ilero, Oyo, Nigeria
Ilesha, Osun, Nigeria
Ilile, Imo, Nigeria
Ilishan, Ogun, Nigeria
Illah, Delta, Nigeria
Ilobu, Osun, Nigeria
Ilofa, Kwara, Nigeria
Ilogbo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ilorin, Oyo, Nigeria
Iloro, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ilu, Delta, Nigeria
Ilu Omoba, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ilushi, Edo, Nigeria
Ilutitun, Ondo, Nigeria
Imakebu, Edo, Nigeria
Imesi Ile, Osun, Nigeria
Imodi, Ogun, Nigeria
Imoru, Edo, Nigeria
Imota, Lagos, Nigeria
Inisa, Osun, Nigeria
Ipapo, Oyo, Nigeria
Ipele, Ondo, Nigeria
Iperu, Ogun, Nigeria
Ipetu, Osun, Nigeria
Ipetu, Osun, Nigeria
Ipetumodu, Osun, Nigeria
Ipoti, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ire, Osun, Nigeria
Ire Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria
Irele, Ondo, Nigeria
Iresi, Osun, Nigeria
Irri, Delta, Nigeria
Irrua, Edo, Nigeria
Iruekpen, Edo, Nigeria
Irun, Ekiti, Nigeria
Isa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Isaga, Ogun, Nigeria
Isanlu, Kogi, Nigeria
Isanlu Isin, Kwara, Nigeria
Ise, Ekiti, Nigeria
Iseyin, Oyo, Nigeria
Ishan, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ishara, Ogun, Nigeria
Ishieke, Ebonyi, Nigeria
Isho, Ondo, Nigeria
Ishua, Ondo, Nigeria
Isiokolo, Delta, Nigeria
Isoga, Rivers, Nigeria
Issele Asaba, Delta, Nigeria
Issele Mkpitime, Delta, Nigeria
Issele Uku, Delta, Nigeria
Ita Ogbolu, Ekiti, Nigeria
Itapa, Ekiti, Nigeria
Itass, Bauchi, Nigeria
Iwo, Osun, Nigeria
Iwopin, Ogun, Nigeria
Iya, Kogi, Nigeria
Iyale, Kogi, Nigeria
Iyara, Kogi, Nigeria
Iyede, Delta, Nigeria
Iyin, Ekiti, Nigeria
Jabura, Adamawa, Nigeria
Jada, Adamawa, Nigeria
Jahun, Jigawa, Nigeria
Jaji, Kaduna, Nigeria
Jajimari, Yobe, Nigeria
Jakusko, Yobe, Nigeria
Jalingo, Taraba, Nigeria
Jalingo Malha, Adamawa, Nigeria
Jamaare, Bauchi, Nigeria
Jambako, Zamfara, Nigeria
Jangero, Zamfara, Nigeria
Jebba, Kwara, Nigeria
Jebga, Zamfara, Nigeria
Jega, Kebbi, Nigeria
Jesse, Delta, Nigeria
Jibiya, Katsina, Nigeria
Jigawa, Yobe, Nigeria
Jikwa, Edo, Nigeria
Jimeta, Adamawa, Nigeria
Jogana, Kano, Nigeria
Jos, Plateau, Nigeria
Kabba, Kogi, Nigeria
Kabchi, Niger, Nigeria
Kabuiri, Borno, Nigeria
Kachako, Kano, Nigeria
Kachia, Kaduna, Nigeria
Kadna, Niger, Nigeria
Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
Kafanchan, Kaduna, Nigeria
Kafin, Niger, Nigeria
Kaga, Katsina, Nigeria
Kagara, Niger, Nigeria
Kagara Dauran, Zamfara, Nigeria
Kagoro, Kaduna, Nigeria
Kaita, Katsina, Nigeria
Kalama, Kwara, Nigeria
Kalgo, Kebbi, Nigeria
Kaltungo, Gombe, Nigeria
Kamba, Kebbi, Nigeria
Kanama, Yobe, Nigeria
Kangiwa, Kebbi, Nigeria
Kankara, Katsina, Nigeria
Kano, Kano, Nigeria
Kantudu, Kano, Nigeria
Kanya Babba, Jigawa, Nigeria
Kaoje, Kebbi, Nigeria
Karanga, Jigawa, Nigeria
Karasua, Yobe, Nigeria
Karaye, Kano, Nigeria
Kardi, Kebbi, Nigeria
Karfi, Kano, Nigeria
Karigiri, Yobe, Nigeria
Karsana, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Karumo, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Kasuwan Magani, Kaduna, Nigeria
Katab, Kaduna, Nigeria
Katabu, Kaduna, Nigeria
Katagum, Bauchi, Nigeria
Katagum, Bauchi, Nigeria
Katami, Sokoto, Nigeria
Katamma, Yobe, Nigeria
Katsina, Katsina, Nigeria
Katsina Ala, Benue, Nigeria
Katsina Ala 12km NW, Benue, Nigeria
Katuru, Sokoto, Nigeria
Kaura Namoda, Zamfara, Nigeria
Kauwa, Borno, Nigeria
Kazaure, Jigawa, Nigeria
Keffi, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Keffin Hausa, Jigawa, Nigeria
Keffin Madaki, Bauchi, Nigeria
Kesawa, Borno, Nigeria
Kibiya, Kano, Nigeria
Kideye, Borno, Nigeria
Kinsha, Bauchi, Nigeria
Kiru, Kano, Nigeria
Kishi, Oyo, Nigeria
Kiyawa, Bauchi, Nigeria
Koinya, Benue, Nigeria
Koko, Kebbi, Nigeria
Koko, Edo, Nigeria
Kolere, Yobe, Nigeria
Kominio, Edo, Nigeria
Konduga, Borno, Nigeria
Konjo, Benue, Nigeria
Kontagora, Niger, Nigeria
Kosubosu, Kwara, Nigeria
Koton Karifi, Kogi, Nigeria
Kotorkoshi, Zamfara, Nigeria
Koya, Zamfara, Nigeria
Kuburmbula, Borno, Nigeria
Kukawa, Borno, Nigeria
Kumagunnam, Yobe, Nigeria
Kumo, Gombe, Nigeria
Kumurya, Kano, Nigeria
Kunya, Kano, Nigeria
Kura, Kano, Nigeria
Kuragwi, Plateau, Nigeria
Kurawa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Kurfi, Katsina, Nigeria
Kuriya, Zamfara, Nigeria
Kuroro, Kogi, Nigeria
Kusheriki, Niger, Nigeria
Kuta, Niger, Nigeria
Kutigi, Niger, Nigeria
Kwa, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Kwaga, Jigawa, Nigeria
Kwale, Delta, Nigeria
Kwankiyal, Jigawa, Nigeria
Kwararfa, Taraba, Nigeria
Kware, Sokoto, Nigeria
Kwaya, Yobe, Nigeria
Kwinte, Kaduna, Nigeria
Lade, Kwara, Nigeria
Lafia, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Lafiagi, Kwara, Nigeria
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Lajere, Yobe, Nigeria
Lalupon, Oyo, Nigeria
Langtang, Plateau, Nigeria
Lanlate, Oyo, Nigeria
Lanzai, Bauchi, Nigeria
Lapai, Niger, Nigeria
Lau, Adamawa, Nigeria
Lere, Kaduna, Nigeria
Loburo, Ogun, Nigeria
Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria
Mada, Zamfara, Nigeria
Madagali, Borno, Nigeria
Magagindoke, Sokoto, Nigeria
Magami, Zamfara, Nigeria
Magami, Zamfara, Nigeria
Magare, Zamfara, Nigeria
Magbon, Lagos, Nigeria
Magumeri, Borno, Nigeria
Mahuta, Katsina, Nigeria
Mahuta, Kebbi, Nigeria
Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria
Maigatari, Jigawa, Nigeria
Mainuk, Borno, Nigeria
Maiyema, Kebbi, Nigeria
Makarfi, Kaduna, Nigeria
Makurdi, Benue, Nigeria
Maladuwa, Katsina, Nigeria
Mal Fula, Taraba, Nigeria
Mallammaduri, Jigawa, Nigeria
Malumfashi, Katsina, Nigeria
Manfu, Kwara, Nigeria
Manya, Taraba, Nigeria
Mararaba, Taraba, Nigeria
Mara Zamfarawa, Katsina, Nigeria
Mariga, Niger, Nigeria
Maru, Zamfara, Nigeria
Masaka, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Mashi, Katsina, Nigeria
Matan Kari, Zamfara, Nigeria
Matazu, Katsina, Nigeria
Matsena, Yobe, Nigeria
Mayo Belwa, Adamawa, Nigeria
Mbasere, Benue, Nigeria
Meko, Ogun, Nigeria
Meori, Yobe, Nigeria
Meringa, Borno, Nigeria
Mgbaka, Cross River, Nigeria
Mgbidi, Imo, Nigeria
Michaga, Delta, Nigeria
Michika, Adamawa, Nigeria
Minjibir, Kano, Nigeria
Minna, Niger, Nigeria
Misau, Bauchi, Nigeria
Miya, Bauchi, Nigeria
Modomawa, Zamfara, Nigeria
Mokwa, Niger, Nigeria
Mongonu, Borno, Nigeria
Mongu, Plateau, Nigeria
Mopa, Kogi, Nigeria
Moriki, Zamfara, Nigeria
Mosim, Ogun, Nigeria
Mubi, Adamawa, Nigeria
Mudiri, Jigawa, Nigeria
Mugrum, Yobe, Nigeria
Muleng, Adamawa, Nigeria
Mulumba Aboki, Jigawa, Nigeria
Musawa, Katsina, Nigeria
Mutum, Jigawa, Nigeria
Mutum Biyu, Taraba, Nigeria
Nafada, Gombe, Nigeria
Nafuche, Zamfara, Nigeria
Namu, Plateau, Nigeria
Nasarawa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Nasarawa, Zamfara, Nigeria
Nassarawa, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Ndelle, Rivers, Nigeria
Ndoni, Rivers, Nigeria
Ngalda, Yobe, Nigeria
Ngamdu, Yobe, Nigeria
Ngelzarma, Yobe, Nigeria
Nguru, Yobe, Nigeria
Ningi, Bauchi, Nigeria
Nkwerre, Imo, Nigeria
Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria
Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria
Numan, Adamawa, Nigeria
Oba, Ekiti, Nigeria
Oba, Osun, Nigeria
Obabene, Cross River, Nigeria
Oba Ile, Ondo, Nigeria
Obe, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Obena, Benue, Nigeria
Obiakpo, Imo, Nigeria
Obiaruku, Edo, Nigeria
Obinze, Imo, Nigeria
Obokolo, Benue, Nigeria
Obolo, Enugu, Nigeria
Obu, Benue, Nigeria
Obudi, Imo, Nigeria
Obudu, Cross River, Nigeria
Obufie, Imo, Nigeria
Obviomu, Edo, Nigeria
Ode, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ode, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ode Erinje, Ondo, Nigeria
Ode Omu, Osun, Nigeria
Ode Remo, Ogun, Nigeria
Odeya, Ondo, Nigeria
Odigbo, Ondo, Nigeria
Odo Ere, Kogi, Nigeria
Odowara, Ondo, Nigeria
Offa, Kwara, Nigeria
Ofiki, Oyo, Nigeria
Ogaminana, Kogi, Nigeria
Ogbagi, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ogbogbo, Kogi, Nigeria
Ogbogoro, Rivers, Nigeria
Ogbomosho, Oyo, Nigeria
Ogere, Ogun, Nigeria
Ogodu, Kogi, Nigeria
Ogori, Edo, Nigeria
Ogotun, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ogume, Delta, Nigeria
Oguta, Imo, Nigeria
Ogwashi Uku, Delta, Nigeria
Ohafia, Cross River, Nigeria
Ohoba, Delta, Nigeria
Oja Odan, Ogun, Nigeria
Oju, Benue, Nigeria
Ojudo, Osun, Nigeria
Oka, Ondo, Nigeria
Okaigben, Edo, Nigeria
Okbogwu, Rivers, Nigeria
Oke Agbe, Ekiti, Nigeria
Okeigbo, Osun, Nigeria
Oke Iho, Oyo, Nigeria
Oke Mesi, Ekiti, Nigeria
Okene, Kogi, Nigeria
Oke Odan, Ogun, Nigeria
Oke Odde, Oyo, Nigeria
Oke Oyi, Oyo, Nigeria
Okigwe, Enugu, Nigeria
Okija, Anambra, Nigeria
Okitipupa, Ondo, Nigeria
Oko, Osun, Nigeria
Okpa, Kogi, Nigeria
Okpara, Delta, Nigeria
Okpeje, Benue, Nigeria
Okpiri, Rivers, Nigeria
Okpoma, Rivers, Nigeria
Okrika, Rivers, Nigeria
Okugbe, Edo, Nigeria
Okuni, Cross River, Nigeria
Okun Owa, Ogun, Nigeria
Okuta, Kwara, Nigeria
Okwe, Abia, Nigeria
Ologbo, Edo, Nigeria
Olomoro, Delta, Nigeria
Olugo, Kogi, Nigeria
Olupuna, Osun, Nigeria
Omialafara, Ondo, Nigeria
Omoku, Rivers, Nigeria
Omu, Kwara, Nigeria
Omu, Ogun, Nigeria
Omuo, Ekiti, Nigeria
Omupo, Kwara, Nigeria
Ondo, Ondo, Nigeria
Onicha, Delta, Nigeria
Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria
Onitsha Olona, Delta, Nigeria
Onitsha Ugbo, Delta, Nigeria
Onuweyi, Benue, Nigeria
Opekeli, Edo, Nigeria
Opobo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Ora, Edo, Nigeria
Ora, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ore, Ondo, Nigeria
Ore Agor, Kwara, Nigeria
Orerokpe, Delta, Nigeria
Orin, Ekiti, Nigeria
Orlu, Imo, Nigeria
Oro, Nassarawa, Nigeria
Orogun, Delta, Nigeria
Oron, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Oshogbo, Osun, Nigeria
Oshu, Osun, Nigeria
Osi, Kwara, Nigeria
Osi Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria
Ososa, Ogun, Nigeria
Ota, Osun, Nigeria
Ote Ogbeji, Delta, Nigeria
Oteri, Delta, Nigeria
Otibio, Delta, Nigeria
Otobi, Benue, Nigeria
Otu, Oyo, Nigeria
Otugo, Kogi, Nigeria
Oturkpo, Benue, Nigeria
Otwa, Edo, Nigeria
Owe, Delta, Nigeria
Owerri, Imo, Nigeria
Owo, Ondo, Nigeria
Owode, Ogun, Nigeria
Owu Ikija, Ogun, Nigeria
Oyan, Osun, Nigeria
Oye, Ekiti, Nigeria
Oyo, Oyo, Nigeria
Oyode, Delta, Nigeria
Ozalla, Edo, Nigeria
Ozoro, Delta, Nigeria
Ozubulu, Anambra, Nigeria
Ozuoba, Rivers, Nigeria
Paiko, Niger, Nigeria
Paki, Kaduna, Nigeria
Pambeguwa, Kaduna, Nigeria
Pankshin, Plateau, Nigeria
Patani, Delta, Nigeria
Pategi, Kwara, Nigeria
Pegi, Kano, Nigeria
Pikawade, Yobe, Nigeria
Pindiga, Gombe, Nigeria
Ponyan, Kogi, Nigeria
Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
Potiskum, Yobe, Nigeria
Rabah, Sokoto, Nigeria
Rafingora, Niger, Nigeria
Raga, Borno, Nigeria
Rahama, Kaduna, Nigeria
Raka, Sokoto, Nigeria
Rano, Kano, Nigeria
Ribah, Zamfara, Nigeria
Rigacikum, Kaduna, Nigeria
Rijau, Niger, Nigeria
Rimi, Katsina, Nigeria
Ringim, Kano, Nigeria
Rinjim Gani, Bauchi, Nigeria
Rogo, Kano, Nigeria
Romo, Sokoto, Nigeria
Rubuchi, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Rumu Epeni, Rivers, Nigeria
Runka, Katsina, Nigeria
Ruwan Doruwa, Zamfara, Nigeria
Sabojibi, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Sabon, Kaduna, Nigeria
Sabon Gari, Sokoto, Nigeria
Sabongida, Edo, Nigeria
Sabua, Katsina, Nigeria
Sade, Bauchi, Nigeria
Safo, Niger, Nigeria
Sakwaya, Jigawa, Nigeria
Salanka Duniyan, Sokoto, Nigeria
Salka, Niger, Nigeria
Salmonde, Jigawa, Nigeria
Samam, Jigawa, Nigeria
Samia, Kebbi, Nigeria
Sangere Loko, Adamawa, Nigeria
Sapele, Delta, Nigeria
Sardauna, Sokoto, Nigeria
Sebe, Edo, Nigeria
Serta, Taraba, Nigeria
Shagamu, Ogun, Nigeria
Shaki, Oyo, Nigeria
Shanomo, Kano, Nigeria
Shao, Oyo, Nigeria
Share, Kwara, Nigeria
Shendam, Plateau, Nigeria
Shepeteri, Oyo, Nigeria
Shiko, Kebbi, Nigeria
Shinkafe, Zamfara, Nigeria
Shonga, Kwara, Nigeria
Shosan, Ondo, Nigeria
Silame, Sokoto, Nigeria
Soba, Kaduna, Nigeria
Sobe, Edo, Nigeria
Sokoto, Sokoto, Nigeria
Song, Adamawa, Nigeria
Sopare, Ekiti, Nigeria
Suleja, Niger, Nigeria
Sumaila, Kano, Nigeria
Suru, Kebbi, Nigeria
Tabira, Kwara, Nigeria
Tagau, Yobe, Nigeria
Takai, Kano, Nigeria
Takalafia, Kaduna, Nigeria
Takalafiya, Kebbi, Nigeria
Takum, Taraba, Nigeria
Talata Mafara, Zamfara, Nigeria
Tambawel, Kebbi, Nigeria
Tanganama, Jigawa, Nigeria
Tangaza, Sokoto, Nigeria
Tanko, Kaduna, Nigeria
Tapa, Oyo, Nigeria
Tara, Sokoto, Nigeria
Tarai, Kano, Nigeria
Tilli, Kebbi, Nigeria
Tofa, Sokoto, Nigeria
Tor Donga, Benue, Nigeria
Toungo, Adamawa, Nigeria
Tsakuwa, Kano, Nigeria
Tsangaya, Jigawa, Nigeria
Tsuwa, Benue, Nigeria
Tudun Wada, Kano, Nigeria
Tudun Wadan Gobe, Kebbi, Nigeria
Tumbo, Kebbi, Nigeria
Tumfushi, Jigawa, Nigeria
Tundun Goggo Fulani, Zamfara, Nigeria
Tungan Rogo, Kebbi, Nigeria
Uba, Adamawa, Nigeria
Ubeta, Rivers, Nigeria
Ubiaja, Edo, Nigeria
Ubuluku, Delta, Nigeria
Uburukiti, Delta, Nigeria
Udakan, Edo, Nigeria
Udubo, Bauchi, Nigeria
Ugba, Benue, Nigeria
Ugbogwi, Edo, Nigeria
Ugep, Cross River, Nigeria
Ughelli, Delta, Nigeria
Ugo, Edo, Nigeria
Uhomora, Edo, Nigeria
Ukata, Niger, Nigeria
Ukpe, Ondo, Nigeria
Umbulula, Sokoto, Nigeria
Umuahia, Abia, Nigeria
Umu Akpo, Rivers, Nigeria
Umubumu, Edo, Nigeria
Umu Dioga, Rivers, Nigeria
Umuduru, Imo, Nigeria
Umu Igago, Imo, Nigeria
Umunede, Delta, Nigeria
Umu Nelu, Delta, Nigeria
Umutonu, Delta, Nigeria
Umutu, Delta, Nigeria
Unguwa Lalle, Sokoto, Nigeria
Ungwa, Gombe, Nigeria
Uromi, Edo, Nigeria
Uruovo Owe, Delta, Nigeria
Use, Edo, Nigeria
Ushi, Ekiti, Nigeria
Usonigbe, Edo, Nigeria
Utagba Uno, Delta, Nigeria
Ute, Ondo, Nigeria
Utue Ogume, Delta, Nigeria
Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Uzebba, Edo, Nigeria
Vande Ikya, Benue, Nigeria
Vodni, Plateau, Nigeria
Vom, Plateau, Nigeria
Wannune, Benue, Nigeria
Warri, Delta, Nigeria
Wasagu, Zamfara, Nigeria
Wase, Plateau, Nigeria
Wawa, Kebbi, Nigeria
Wudil, Kano, Nigeria
Wukari, Taraba, Nigeria
Wulgo, Borno, Nigeria
Wurio, Taraba, Nigeria
Wurno, Sokoto, Nigeria
Wushishi, Niger, Nigeria
Yabo, Sokoto, Nigeria
Yambuki, Zamfara, Nigeria
Yamdugu, Yobe, Nigeria
Yana, Bauchi, Nigeria
Yankamaye, Katsina, Nigeria
Yankara, Katsina, Nigeria
Yanmolo, Jigawa, Nigeria
Yeghe, Rivers, Nigeria
Yelwa, Kebbi, Nigeria
Yelwa, Plateau, Nigeria
Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria
Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria
Yusufari, Yobe, Nigeria
Zagga, Kebbi, Nigeria
Zaki Biam, Benue, Nigeria
Zango, Katsina, Nigeria
Zarewa, Kano, Nigeria
Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria
Zigau, Bauchi, Nigeria
Zinna, Adamawa, Nigeria
Zonkwa, Kaduna, Nigeria
Zubo, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Zungeru, Niger, Nigeria
Zurmi, Zamfara, Nigeria
Zuru, Kebbi, Nigeria
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